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Degrifencens is an e-shop or online store specializing in the sale of incense from India and elsewhere of very good quality at discount prices.

The online store located in France, offers hundreds of incense, scented oils, products for lithotherapy and for beauty-cosmetics at competitive prices.

les encens disponibles

Incense available

Incense is an essence available in different forms with various uses. Its origin dates back to the first humans and its diffusion through time and space knows no limits.

A wide range of products is available in our online store. There are incense sticks, of the'cone incense, of the'japanese incense, Tibetan incense, resin incense, dhoop incense, Christian holy incense and display packs.

The incense sticks may have strong or subtle scents. They are used as a room fragrance for religious rites or for domestic use.

Degrifencens offers nearly 600 quality products such as patchouli stick, ylang yang, sticks for meditation, prayer, etc. Thecone incense is a mixture of powders extracted from plants, flowers, fruits, associated with essential oils.

Dhoop incense has a cylindrical shape and is reminiscent of the incense stick except that it is easier to light and makes less ash.

It is closer to Japanese incense and is used for relaxation and meditation.

les huiles parfumées

Scented oils

A wide choice of fragrance oils is available in the online store. There are body oils, home oils and fragrances at discount prices.

Nearly 44 fragrance oils are available in the Online Store. They are presented in the form of bottles with different scents.

Most of these oils are inedible and are used to calm or soothe, others are an invitation to travel.

They can be used for massages for some, or be diluted in water, in a perfume burner for others.

cosmétique et lithothérapie

Beauty-cosmetic and lithotherapy products

Lithotherapy is a medicine that uses the vibrations of stones and minerals.

The stones offered are 100% genuine, high quality and very competitive price. The stones are used for the purpose of reducing stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression. Some of them act on alcoholism and smoking, others bring wisdom and intuition. Lithotherapy uses stones like moonstones, rutilated quartz, blue quartz, rock crystal and many more.

Natural beauty and cosmetic products

For the beauty-cosmetics, there are nearly a large number of products such as Aleppo soaps, kamasutra soaps, scented balms, Aleppo shampoos, alum stone sticks, balm creams, natural bath gloves. Aleppo soap is an artisanal product originating in Syria. It is made without preservatives, dyes, fat and paraffin. This soap is recommended for daily use. The scented balms are made in India and come in several scents such as aloe vera, neroli or sandalwood.