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White sage

White sage

Hem opium incense 20 grams

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Hem opium incense : Box of 20 grams of hem opium incense sticks. Use: meditation, purification, driving out evil...

Hem lily incense 20 gr

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Incense hem lily : Box of 20 grams of incense sticks hem lily Lily: Used as a soothing or tranquilizer but...

Purifying white sage

The Origins of White Sage: White sage or Savia apiana is a perennial from the Lamiaceae family. Lamiaceae are small shrubs that retain their leaves all year round. White Sage comes from North America but also East Africa, Australia and Madagascar. This plant requires exposure to the sun and a drained but sandy soil. It grows easily in desert regions.

In the Amerindian tradition, white sage is widely used during ritual ceremonies and more particularly for births and deaths.

The aromas of White Sage:

White sage is used for its leaves only, it gives off a minty scent with the addition of camphor and eucalyptus.

The different uses of White Sage:

White sage is a medicinal plant that is used as an antiseptic thanks to its anti microbial properties. The leaves placed in poultice provide relief from burns and skin irritation. White sage is often used in pharmaceutical preparations to relieve sore throats and flu-like conditions. In infusion it reduces high fevers and decongests the lungs by inhaling the vapors of the infusion.

It is also widely used to purify the atmosphere of a house simply by burning the leaves (or the incense stick) this action is called smudging. White sage helps absorb negative energies. To use it, it must be diffused in all the rooms to distribute the smoke. Be careful, however, the smell of sage is strong and it is advisable to fumigate white sage by ventilating the space, windows open for example. The air currents promote the good propagation of the aromas of white sage.

The benefits of White Sage:

  • It is first of all an excellent purifier for the environment but also for the soul during meditation sessions for example.
  • It regulates excessive sweating and fights hot flashes associated with menopause.
  • It protects the entire ENT system and in particular ailments related to the throat and mouth (angina, gingivitis). It also relieves smoker's cough.
  • White sage is a powerful anti-inflammatory for canker sores
  • It dramatically lowers fever and helps relieve abdominal pain and related pain problems like vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Sage leaves are also used in first aid to calm bites or stings.
  • It is valuable for the supply of vitamin K, necessary for blood coagulation and bone strengthening.
  • Finally, it is widely used in lithotherapy for the purification of stones. It cleans them thoroughly without damaging them and recharges them with energy.

Alternative medicine is not a substitute for seeing your licensed physician. The properties are those that traditions, user experiences and reference books have. Herbs are not a substitute for medical consultation and are not medicine. In the event of illness, a consultation with your doctor remains a priority.