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Frankincense, known around the world in various forms and for different uses, has been common to all people since the dawn of time. Indeed its origin goes back to the discovery of fire by the first men who quickly used leaves, bark, natural gums to create fragrant or even hallucinogenic smoke and thus laid the foundations for the first religious rites.

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Different incenses useful for your purifications

The benefits of incense are very real for purification and relaxation. Incense is used to regain well-being and even to come into contact with the divinity. You will find several ranges of incense in the Degrif Incense store: cone, stick or powder, Christian incense, Japanese incense ...

The origin of incense Our incense shop offers incense in different forms. Indeed, incense has been known for centuries by several civilizations around the world. With the discovery of fire, Men sought to come into contact with the divinity. For this, they resorted to a product that works exactly like a spirit, that is, with smoke and perfume.

The usefulness of incense was subsequently accentuated with religious rites. Thus, from the East to the West to via Africa and ancient Egypt, all peoples used it to pray or eliminate evil spirits. It is by drawing inspiration from this diversity of use of incense that Degrif Encens presents its product categories.

Nowadays, incense no longer concerns only rites, it allows to purify the interior of the house, to attract positive energies and to find an interior peace. A varied range of incense for the well-being To meet all the needs of the use of incense, the shop offers several ranges:

Resin incense

Among this range, there is the mystical rose incense. It is made from resin and rose. In a 10 gram box, you can use it with a suitable incense burner. It is also an incense brings many benefits. Indeed, you can use it during your meditations by burning it on hot charcoal.

It is also used for the purification of a house or simply to heal the soul. With a good rate of use, you can attract the protection of good spirits.

Incense with hem cone

This is exactly a box that contains a total of 10 cones. Made in India, this very high quality incense is artisanal, that is to say, handmade and based on essential oils in accordance with the pure Hindu tradition.

It is an incense to concentrate cosmic energy. This very positive energy can effectively fight against evil spirits while purifying your home.

You can also use it in your meditation sessions. It will undoubtedly boost your spirituality while creating a climate of peace in your mind.

Incense stick khrishian aloe vera

It is made, as its name suggests, based on aloe vera, this famous plant with many virtues. In a box are 8 sticks that you will fix on a non-combustible support. This incense is made directly by hand in India. This incense for yoga sessions will be perfect for your various meditations.

When you burn the sticks, you immediately have a feeling of peace and above all, serenity. Its scent stays in your home for several hours. It is particularly used to ward off negative energies that can scour your home. You will find other ranges on the site.

Given their declining price, do not hesitate to buy the purification incense that corresponds to your needs.