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Dhoop incense

Dhoop incense

Dhoop incense

The dhoop is an incense stick which for some purists is the excellence of the use of incense. Due to its small cylinder shape it can be reminiscent of classic incense sticks except that it does not have a bamboo rod on which the incense is placed, it is a bit like the cone, namely that of the pure agglomerated incense with the disadvantage of less ignition.

To summarize, the dhoop is easier to light than a cone since it can be held without risk of burning on ignition, it gives off a constant smoke throughout the combustion and leaves very little ash since there is no with no bamboo rod to hold it.

Due to its finesse and purity, dhoop is more like a Japanese incense. More difficult to manufacture than a stick of incense, it is a little more expensive than the latter, but it is the companion of the most orderly meditations and rites. Ultimately it is a choice of use and a mode of meditation or relaxation.