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Burning incense for a moment of pleasure, mystical, personal, sharing. However, it is important to remember that the incense produces its smoke and releases its subtle scents from a combustion whether it is sticks , sticks, dhoop, grains or powder. Therefore it is essential to burn the incense in a suitable receptacle, incense holder, incense burner, cone holder, cone burner box, censers, perfume burner, small hot charcoal stove.

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The choice of the fragrance diffuser incense holder is therefore necessary and essential, because the incense holder must be suitable for use. The wooden gondola incense holder is the most suitable for burning a stick or stick, we will use a wooden box or a terracotta incense holder for the cones, and a censer (otherwise called a stove) preferably in brass to burn the resins or grain incense.

With a wide choice of materials and shapes, you will easily find the right fragrance diffuser incense holder for occasional or daily use, adapted to your interior and your budget.