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Incense in cones

Incense in cones

Incense cones

The making of this precious perfume has long been a true art, extremely respected and handed down from generation to generation. Incense is nothing other than powders extracted from natural products such as plants, flowers, fruits, sometimes with the addition of essential oils and always shaped in various forms. The incense cones are most common with sticks. Discover our range of incense cones to burn on all occasions and wherever you want - home, office, veranda ...

With essential oil and incense

Change sticks and opt for more traditional and practical shapes. The cones will allow you to save space thanks to the incense holder smaller than for the sticks for example. Degrifencens offers you the biggest brands like Hem, Tulasi, Krishan… The irreproachable quality and fragrances each more intoxicating than the others, like musk, jasmine, vanilla, white sage ... will know how to satisfy you.

The instructions are simple: place your incense cone on an incense holder, light its top and once the flame appears, blow to extinguish it. You can now enjoy the scents of your incense. Whatever use you make of it: neutralization of bad smells, search for atmosphere, room fragrance…, you will inevitably find the conical incense that will satisfy you among the selection of Degrifencens.