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Purchase of natural incense and essential oils at discount prices

Degrifencens, specialist in the sale of natural incense

Before you buy natural incense, what do you really know about this resin which is also called "frankincense"? Nowadays, many people regularly use incense in its various forms, especially for meditation. But be aware that this is a practice that has been around for centuries. Incense indeed accompanied religious rituals for its ability to promote spiritual upliftment. If this is still the case, some people also buy natural incense in order to use it for the sweetness of their scents that pleasantly perfume their home.

Frankincense also has soothing virtues and some of them like Golden Nag Champa can relieve nervous tension, reduce inner restlessness, insomnia and improve concentration. Frankincense can even be used to help treat some viral and bacterial infections. As specialists in the sale of natural incense, we are committed to offering you the best. Enjoy it!

nag champa pack

Nag champa incense

The pack of 25 boxes 17.25 €

Palo santo

Palo santo

against negative energies

White sage

White sage

An excellent purifier

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Unlimited choice for the purchase of natural incense and decorations

If you want to do the purchase of natural incense, Degrifencens is the specialist you need for many reasons, starting with the wide selection of quality products that we put at your disposal. Our online store located in France offers sticks, cones as well as dhoops and resin. As experts in the sale of natural incense, we give you access to more than 400 perfumes for all tastes with the most famous such as Nag Champa, Goloka, the reference, as well as delicate perfumes such as ylang- ylang, patchouli, lotus, lavender, vanilla and hundreds of fragrances of incense, each sweeter than the next. Besides the sale of natural incense quality at decreasing prices, we also offer incense burners as well as decorating ideas and gifts.